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Your own Villa in Turkey: what and where to choose?

Your own house on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by greenery - such a gift of fate can only dream of. Is it? Today you can make all your dreams come true and buy a luxury villa in Turkey. But where is it better to buy real estate, because there are so many different offers on the market, especially on Avito? Let's take a closer look at everything.

What is a villa?

In the modern sense, a villa is a country house with a small garden plot. Typically, the villa has one or two floors. Interior decoration in Italian or Roman style - marble, ceramics, columns, panoramic windows.

Refined decor in soothing colors should be conducive to relaxation and enjoyment of the surrounding beauty. Landscaping should not be inferior to the impeccable finishing of the house - ornamental plants, flower beds, a beautiful garden. And of course, let's not forget about the small but very beautiful pool - this is a must-have for a good rest in the resort area.

Villa in Turkey

In Turkey, you can buy more than just a villa in the classical sense of the word. A chic house in a cozy residence with a first-class infrastructure. If you've ever stayed at a Sun Flower Hotel, Long Beach Resort or Sonata Villa, you can imagine the same range of entertainment and even more, just next to your own seaside house.

Two-storey Mediterranean villas surrounded by banana and citrus trees, impeccable landscaping, large swimming pools, car parks, personal gardeners, security guards and concierges.

In the Turkish suburbs, you can buy a classy villa in the best traditions of "all inclusive". Expensive furniture, functional household appliances, designer plumbing, original lamps, impeccably selected accessories. And also spacious terraces and balconies with stunning views of the mountains and the sea surface.

The high quality of European renovation will be appreciated even by very demanding buyers. Marble floors, ceramic wall tiles, columns, frescoes, false ceilings, spotlights, fitted wardrobes in the kitchen and bathroom. And nothing will disturb the harmony of taste, because all wiring and pipes are safely hidden from prying eyes in the walls. All apartments already have wireless internet and satellite TV.


Turkish residences offer a wide variety of entertainment options available to all residents. Infrastructure may include a water park, several swimming pools, playgrounds, green parks, wooden gazebos for relaxation, barbecue areas with tables, comfortable sofas and barbecues.

The LCD has a spa area, consisting of a jacuzzi, Turkish hammam, Finnish sauna, Roman steam room, massage rooms. From modern entertainment - cinema, conference hall, game rooms, billiards, bowling. The luxury residences have spacious sports fields for volleyball, basketball, football and tennis. Some even have an ice skating rink and an amphitheater.

Villa in Alanya

Alanya is one of the most beautiful and comfortable suburbs of Antalya. Green forests, picturesque mountains, beautiful beaches, always warm sea and hot sun during the holiday season. In such a place you want not only to relax, but also to live with your family.

There are residential complexes both in the city itself and in its provinces. We will talk about the most popular of them below.


There are no industrial enterprises in the city, the air is clean and fresh, the sea is warm and welcoming. Here is one of the most beautiful beaches - Cleopatra, which attracts tourists from different countries. This is a great place for those who want to relax or settle on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, as well as for those planning to do business. Real estate prices in Alanya are somewhat more expensive than in the suburbs, but you can profitably buy a secondary property.


A well-developed area, in which, thanks to the construction boom, many new buildings with quality apartments have appeared. The nature here is amazing, the beaches are clean, the mountains are beautiful, the infrastructure is wonderful. It has everything you need for life - schools, kindergartens, shops, bazaars, shopping centers and much more. If you are looking to buy a villa with a spacious veranda and stunning views, then there is no better region.


Quiet, cozy village, which for a long time was not familiar to tourists. And now it is a developed tourist area, located in a quiet sea harbor, protected from the winds. Warm sun, clear sea, luxurious beaches, an abundance of mysterious travel destinations. And of course, affordable prices for primary and secondary housing.


Quiet residential area located on the banks of the Dean River close to the Mediterranean coast. There is a lot of lush greenery here, the nature is mesmerizing. The residential complexes offer all kinds of tourist pleasures. Housing prices are reasonable, there is everything you need for a comfortable stay nearby.


A great area for family life. There are many comfortable villas and new buildings with spacious apartments. Banana plantations, picturesque parks and majestic mountains. Nearby is the magical Cappadocia with its inimitable lunar landscapes.


A wonderful area for living and recreation. It is surrounded by pine forests, sandy beaches, lemon and orange plantations. Well thought out infrastructure and affordable prices for real estate have made it especially attractive for both tourists and foreign investors.


An actively developing region. Several years ago, residential complexes with first-class infrastructure began to grow here rapidly. It is a quiet and peaceful place surrounded by the amazing beauty of the Toross Mountains, exotic trees and marvelous flowers. Here you can buy a villa at a relatively low price, and the entertainment is of the highest class.


A clean and well-groomed area that is best suited for a quiet, measured, comfortable life and a beach holiday. The sea is so transparent, pebble beaches stretch for several kilometers. Fresh sea air with notes of pine needles, orange and banana groves, mountain slopes - it is very beautiful here. If you want to buy a house or apartment profitably, then you will definitely find good housing here.

So you couldn't decide? And it is not surprising, because all the suburbs of Alanya are beautiful in their own way. Contact the "Gold Ahiskali" real estate agency - we will help you buy the villa of your dreams.

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