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Vacation in Turkey during the velvet season

It took me weeks to decide if it was “safe” enough during the quarantine period to go to Turkey on vacation, in the end - I went and I must say that I was very impressed. The velvet season in Turkey is just a fairy tale!

We booked a week stay at the all inclusive hotel, we loved visiting the hotels! The hotel was quite clean and nice, there is a garden right in front of the hotel and there is a beach that should be cleaned in places. We checked in at the hotel reception, where everyone should be wearing masks. We had a large bungalow with a nice balcony, but I have to say that it is very noisy when the main road runs under the windows that runs along the entire hotel.

The hotel serves German and Russian tourists with a small number of English speaking staff. They are very hospitable and attentive, answer all the requests of their guests, they all work hard and deserve every dollar they earn. The hotel's garden is kept in immaculate condition by a professional team of gardeners and is a beautiful, well-kept space. Coco Bar is an excellent beach for swimming in the sea with fine gravel sand, offering stunning views of Alanya. The doctor is a great Turkish paramedic, AJ speaks English, was very attentive and friendly to us. God bless him!

It features a hairdresser, clothing store and 2 excellent swimming pools. Sun loungers and towels are at guests' disposal, as well as a spa and gym. The constant abundance of food and drink never ends at this beautiful hotel. Security staff take temperature measurements every time you leave and enter the hotel. Rooms are cleaned daily, air conditioning, and laundry or dry cleaning services.

To get to the center of Alanya you need to take bus number 1 or 2 to Alanya, which costs about 10 TL per person. The center has excellent cafes, bars and restaurants and, of course, shopping.

The weather was stable, but the temperature rose to about 30 degrees Celsius, so be sure to bring your tanning lotion with you. We found a super place called "Paradise Picnic", which is located right on the beach. Soft sofas with cozy lamps on small tables.

We loved the velvet season in Alanya.


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