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Sea temperature in Turkey

How many seas are there in Turkey?

Turkey is a unique country, which is washed on three sides by different seas, including the Mediterranean, Black and Aegean. The Black and Aegean Seas are connected by the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits, and another sea of ​​Turkey, the Marmara Sea, is located here.

Water temperature at different times in different seas is somewhat different. For example, in the Mediterranean Sea, vacationers swim from April to November, while on the Black Sea coast, the holiday season ends in September. Aegean resorts meet tourists from May to October.

Where is the warmest sea in Turkey?

The warmest water in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas, it was they who were chosen by tourists. There are much fewer tourists on the Black and Marmara seas, here in summer the water temperature reaches 18-20 degrees, which is quite decent by our standards, however, if not compared with the other two seas.

In winter, namely in January, the water temperature on the Turkish coast in the Mediterranean and Aegean seas ranges from + 16 to + 18 degrees, however, the air temperature in the resorts is much lower, this does not give tourists the opportunity to swim.

Sea temperature by month

  • In February, the water temperature drops by a few degrees. 
  • By the end of March, it gradually warms up to January. 
  • In April, the water in the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas reaches a temperature of +18 - +19 degrees, in the second half of the month the holiday season starts, people start swimming. 
  • In the following months, up to August, the water temperature increases, in May it is +20 - +22, in June +23 - +25, in July +26 - +27, in August + 27- + 26. and the Aegean Sea becomes cool, and, in the Aegean Sea, this process is much faster. 
  • In September, on the southern coast of the Mediterranean, the water temperature is +26 degrees, in October - +24, in November - + 22. The water temperature of the Aegean Sea is as follows: September - +24, October + 20, November + 18. In 
  • December, the Mediterranean water is + 20 degrees, in the Aegean - + 17.

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