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Restrictions for tourists in Turkey after March 1, 2021

After the opening of the borders of Turkey last summer, there is a lot of different, often unverified and contradictory information about how our favorite vacation is now arranged. Some write that everything is closed in the country, even grocery stores, others post the usual photos of hotels, restaurants, bars and swimming pools, there are no restrictions.

Today we will dot the i's and answer the most popular questions about holidays in Turkey. We'll dispel myths about curfews, tell you if shops, restaurants, pools and spas are open and what you need to do before your trip.

Do i need a covid-19 test to enter Turkey?

To go on vacation to Turkey, you need a passport, a good mood and a negative PCR test done no later than 72 hours before arriving in the country. The certificate of the test result must be in English, with the address of the laboratory and a QR or barcode. This is a common practice today; you can get such a certificate in laboratories in your city and even at Moscow airports. And children under 6 do not need to take the test at all.

While the need for the test is relevant until April 15. So if you plan to fly out after this date, we advise you to clarify a week before departure whether you need a certificate or this requirement has been canceled.

Do you have to wear masks?

In public places - a must. Otherwise, even tourists face a serious fine - about 31,000 rubles. At the hotel, masks are advisory in nature. Nobody will write you a fine.

Are tourists subject to curfews?

There is indeed a curfew in Turkey. On weekdays, you cannot go outside from nine in the evening until five in the morning. On weekends - from Friday 21:00 to Monday 5:00. In different provinces, these rules may vary depending on the epidemiological situation and the number of cases per 100 thousand in the region. But tourists and everyone who works in the tourism industry, these restrictions do not apply. And most importantly, life does not stop on the territory.

Are cafes and restaurants open?

All city cafes and restaurants opened after March 1 with up to 50% load of visitors. So if in the city you are attracted by the aroma of juicy kebabs, kefte or Turkish pide pizza, do not deny yourself the pleasure.

On-site restaurants are not subject to these restrictions. No one will bother you to arrange a romantic dinner in one of these restaurants, and enjoy a beautiful view of the sea by candlelight.

Do pools and SPA centers work in hotels in Turkey?

In most hotels, spa rooms and hammams are accepted by appointment, and the premises are disinfected after each visitor. Indoor pools - each hotel decides for itself.

Are there entertainment programs in the hotels?

Can you imagine a holiday in a Turkish hotel without animation and live music? We are not. So the authorities decided not to deny the pleasure of having fun, but until 10 o'clock in the evening and with a safe distance. But you are guaranteed to have time for a walk along the coastal sleep, reading a book in a cozy lobby or a long and sound sleep in the silence of hotel life.

Are museums open in Turkey?

Yes! Of course, there are restrictions - almost all attractions are closed on weekends, and amusement parks work only partially - attractions are closed, but you can walk and admire the landscapes.

But this is a unique opportunity to explore. Even the most popular museums and historical sites now have very few visitors, which means incredible experiences can be had.

Come to the foot of the Temple of Artemis in Ephesus, in Side, find the place where the gladiatorial battles were held, while walking through the Dolmabahce Palace in Istanbul - the most unusual of all the Sultan's residences. All these enchanting places are already waiting for you.

Are the shops open?

The shops are open. Despite the curfew, grocery stores and supermarkets are open on weekends.

True, most of the shopping centers and souvenir shops are still closed on weekends. Therefore, we advise you to plan a weekday for shopping in advance in order to slowly wander the shopping streets, look at the bright counters, find the most beautiful glass lamp, bargain briskly and grab a box of Turkish sweets. And then open it on the darkest day of winter in order to remember the taste of travel, to feel the sun gently pouring in warmth, to feel a light breeze from the sea.

Will curfew interfere with autotravel?

No, this will not be a problem if you are staying at a hotel. Most importantly, do not forget the documents, confirm your booking, and boldly go!

What to do after returning from Turkey?

Within three days after returning, you need to pass the PCR test and upload its results to the "State Services" portal. If the result is negative, and your health is normal, you will not have to quarantine. This is the rule not only for those returning from Turkey, but for all tourists arriving in Russia from any country.

Give your loved ones bright gifts, make coffee for everyone in a new Turk, share unforgettable impressions, review numerous photos and plan your next summer vacation in beautiful Turkey.

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