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How to get from Russia to Turkey by car in 2020-2021

The situation with COVID-19 has greatly complicated car travel not only from Russia to Turkey, but also in other directions. The pandemic and coronavirus have made their own adjustments to many aspects of modern life. But if you really need to drive your car along this route, be sure to read this article. So let's go.

To Turkey via Georgia, Upper Lars checkpoint

On June 1, 2021, Georgia finally opened its land borders, so from that time you can travel to Turkey through Georgia. But there is one BUT ...

Departure from Russia through the land border for tourist purposes remains closed, according to order No. 763-r. In order for you to be released abroad, Russian border guards require grounds for leaving. According to order No. 1170-r, exit, including through ground checkpoints, is allowed on the basis of a second citizenship, a residence permit in another country or "another valid document confirming the right to permanent residence." Also, the basis is a certificate of ownership of real estate, in Turkey it is called TAPU. It is translated into Russian from Turkish and certified by a notary; it costs about 2,000 rubles in Moscow.

To enter Georgia by land, even vaccinated tourists will need a PCR test in English, done no later than 72 hours before crossing the border. Another test must be taken on the 3rd day of stay in one of the approved laboratories. The results must be saved before leaving the country. If you are traveling in transit, you do not need to do the second test. Children of all ages will also need a test. Everyone arriving in Georgia needs to fill out an electronic form in advance.

To Turkey via Belarus and Ukraine. Trip plan

Many people are planning the following. Come from Russia, for example, from Moscow, cross the Russia-Ukraine border in Bachevsk, then drive to Odessa, from there to Chernomorsk, take a ferry and get to Turkey. But this option may not work.

The reason is that the Russian side simply will not let you in if you do not have good reason to do so. The reason may be a residence permit in another country, real estate in another country, sick relatives in another country for whom care is required. But even if the Russian border guards let you out, they will force you to sign a paper on which you cannot leave for the second time. And if the above reasons are not present, then you will have to turn around and look for other solutions.

What other solution? Go to Belarus, cross the Russia-Belarus border. From Belarus, drive to Ukraine, cross the border there. And further according to the original plan.

What you need to know about Russia-Turkey travel?

The first thing you need to do before embarking on such a long trip is to carry out maintenance on the car. It is very important that the car is fully functional and there are no unnecessary difficulties on the road. Be sure to change the tires, as you will not be allowed to take an additional set of tires with you at customs.

It is important! Studded tires are prohibited in Turkey.

This must be borne in mind. But in fact, most likely, no one will understand that you have this kind of rubber on your wheels, because customs officers do not know what it looks like. But it is still better to protect yourself as much as possible while traveling and not break the rules.

What documents are needed?

The driver must have the following documents with him:

  • Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • International passport;
  • STS;
  • Driver's license;
  • International driving license (if any);
  • Green Card insurance;
  • Plus, you definitely need medical insurance from COVID-19 for transit through Ukraine.

All border services require medical insurance. It needs to be done for several days, about as long as you need to get from the Russian border to the ferry in Chornomorsk. It is better to take with a margin of 5-6 days - suddenly, on the road, something does not go according to plan.

Health insurance and Green Card can be bought at the border. In total, you will have to pay about 7,000 rubles for them.

Useful advice! Stock up on food and water. In a pandemic, many roadside cafes and motels are closed. If you don't have a supply of food with you, you can get into an unpleasant situation.

How to cross the border with Belarus?

You must understand that there is a possibility that on the border with Belarus, the Russian side, again, may not let you in without good reason. The further route carries certain risks.

It's not a secret for anyone that there are illegal opportunities to cross the border with Belarus. Simply put, you need to give a bribe and they will let you through. But you can't just go up to any border guard and offer him money. To do this, you need to find out in advance who can be your connecting link. We can provide contacts of people who will help solve this issue if necessary.

It is possible to cross the border with fields-forests, but it is more convenient to cross through the checkpoint, especially since the cost is the same.

You arrive at the border, you are met by the already fed border guard. The cost of his services is about 7000 rubles - you need to focus on this amount. You rent rooms and calmly cross the checkpoint, as if you do it every day. Scary? Perhaps, but it will work out.

Then you follow to the border of Belarus and Ukraine. There you make yourself a Green Card, insurance, and after that you start crossing the border. The Belarusian side lets through without the slightest problem. Border guards check you have all the necessary documents, raise the barrier, and you follow to the checkpoint of Ukraine. The next step is a little more complicated.

How to cross the border with Ukraine?

Customs and border control takes place in several stages.

The first checkpoint is the initial inspection of the car. Your documents are checked, your car is inspected as carefully as possible, all personal belongings are checked. You can't hide anything. After verification, documents with seals are returned to you, after which you go to the second checkpoint.

At the second checkpoint, your car and documents are examined by border guards together with the customs service. Get ready for a quick interview with border guards. It is important to remember here that you can never say:

  • Have you ever visited Crimea.
  • You have been to the DPR or LPR.
It's important to know! The customs officer will definitely ask you why you decided to cross the border here. Don't try to lie to him. He knows the truth in advance. Be honest that the Russian side did not let you through in Bachevsk, and therefore you decided to go through Belarus. Then you will not have unnecessary problems.

Useful advice! If you want to cross the border quickly and easily, put 5,000 rubles in your passport. Then your things will not be inspected for a long time and thoroughly, they will not find fault, invent non-existent inconsistencies in documents, and so on.

After crossing the checkpoint of Ukraine, be sure to buy a SIM card from a Ukrainian telecom operator. This will allow you to be in touch with your family and not go broke on roaming tariffs. Then calmly follow to Chernomorsk through Odessa. By the way, if someone doesn't want to buy a sim card, free Wi-Fi is available at every gas station in Ukraine.

How to cross the border in Chernomorsk?

Passing the checkpoint in Chernomorsk is simple and fast. Be prepared for the fact that the customs officer will ask you to put 500 or 1000 rubles in your passport so as not to inspect your car. Even if you are not carrying anything prohibited, it is better to agree. At the border control, documents are returned to you with all the necessary stamps, and you board the ferry.

What you need to know about the ferry?

Cars are loaded onto the ferry at the last moment. You will be driving along with trucks. The cost of the trip is $ 350 - $ 240 for a passenger car and $ 110 for a person. If there are passengers in the car, then add $ 110 for each one.

On the ferry, you will rest in a small cabin with a berth. They feed there. There are no additional fees or commissions. You can pay by ferry in cash or by card.

When you enter the ferry, passports are collected from all passengers. They are not returned until you are in a Turkish port. There is no need to worry - this is a standard procedure.

Already in Turkey, the port of Karasu, all your documents will be checked again, they will clarify when you were last in Turkey. After checking the documents, the doctor will talk to you, they will measure your temperature, and clarify whether you have been in contact with patients with the corona virus. If you have a normal temperature, you will be quickly released, your documents returned, and you will proceed to your car.

In the port of Karasu, you get into the car, drive to the checkpoint, and all your documents are checked again. And if all is well, you have successfully crossed the Turkish border.

And finally advice

If you entered Turkey without any problems, and you need to get to Alanya, Antalya or another city on the coast, choose toll roads. It is inexpensive, but it will save time well. The roads are of excellent quality, no cameras, four lanes. Only drive and driving pleasure.

Have a nice trip!

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