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Familiarization tour

We invite you to Turkey to see your future home

If you want to buy a Villa, apartment or commercial property in Turkey, it is best to fly to our country. Familiarization tour ㅡ this is an opportunity to view and evaluate personally pre-selected properties on our website. This way you can decide on the spot which object will become your future home!

The Introductory tour includes:

All communication takes place in your native language. The tour is designed for up to 7 days, so you will have time for walking, shopping and excursions. After the tour, transfer to the airport.

In the event of a transaction for the purchase and sale of real estate, the company will compensate your expenses for air travel, accommodation and transfer, depending on the purchase amount. We do everything at the highest level! Highly qualified specialists, Executive class cars, luxury hotels — you will not regret for a second that you came to us. The company will take care of everything!

We are waiting for you, come, Turkey will make your life brighter!

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The offer for the sale of real estate is valid for the duration of the availability of this property on the site.

Licensed company, one of the largest on the Mediterranean coast for real estate sales, as well as a construction company that implements a number of exclusive projects.

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