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The Depreciation of the Turkish lira, Prices and Real Estate in Turkey

The "fall" of the lira and the "growth" of real estate prices in Turkey - where is the truth?

          This and many other questions are asked by more and more potential buyers, whose excitement is caused by the situation around the Turkish Lira. And indeed, there is no unambiguous answer in any official sources - the media broadcast contradictory facts, and experts are in no hurry to make unambiguous conclusions. It is quite difficult to predict how the national currency, not only in Turkey, but also in any other country will behave. And relying on a certain calculation, based only on the permanently fluctuating exchange rate, which, incidentally, changes every day - has become quite risky.

          The same representatives of the real estate market - developers and large agencies for the sale of residential space - do not deny the fact of rising prices for building materials, which is certainly reflected in the cost of square meters. At the moment the situation is such that the situation on the world currency market led to the destabilization and the subsequent loss of the Turkish lira, which led to a rapid rise in prices, including the purchase or rental of real estate.

          Already now we can say that with the advent of 2022, prices in the real estate market will only increase and it is still difficult to predict the extent to which it will be expressed.

         For this reason, if you are still hesitating to buy a home in Turkey, we advise you to hurry with the choice and have time to buy square footage at the same cost as in 2021.

         Please submit an application or call us at the listed contact numbers and we will do our best to be of service to you and provide comprehensive information support.

         Regards and wishes for the fulfillment of your dream of a new home at the seaside,

         Your "Gold Ahıskalı" team.


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