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Buying real estate in Turkey for cryptocurrency

Houses and apartments in Turkey have been in enviable demand for many years, thanks to the favorable combination of price and quality, as well as excellent climatic conditions for living and resting. Many investors want to buy real estate in Turkey with bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. The agency "Gold Ahiskali Real Estate" will help you better understand all aspects of buying a home for cryptocurrency.

Today you can buy anything for bitcoins, including apartments in Alanya or Antalya. But in this matter, the main thing is to find a reliable assistant in the person of a real estate agency, such as "Gold Ahiskali".

Stages of buying real estate

As in the case of buying real estate for real money, the transaction is divided into several stages.

  • Choosing an apartment or a villa in Turkey

Our real estate agency specializes in the sale of real estate in Antalya, in the city of Alanya and its suburbs. The catalog contains all sorts of options - new buildings, secondary housing, housing under construction. There are apartments 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1, as well as penthouses and duplexes (up to 5 bedrooms). There are two and three-storey villas with their own infrastructure. The cost of housing varies depending on the region and proximity to the sea.

Agents will help you choose an apartment or villa, taking into account all your requirements, wishes and planned budget.

  • Agreeing on the cost and terms of payment

We offer our clients full support for the purchase and sale of real estate. If you wish, you can participate in negotiations with the seller or entrust this issue to us. We will provide full reporting on negotiations with a private seller or developer, we will draw up all the documentation properly in accordance with the established requirements.

The seller does not need to be notified that you are planning to buy real estate for bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, because he will receive payment in real money. And we will agree with the customer and take care of all the questions on the transfer of cryptocurrency into dollars and euros.

  • Cryptocurrency transfer

If you are planning to buy Turkish property with Bitcoin, notify our agent immediately. We adhere to the KYC principle. For personal identification, the customer will need to submit the relevant documents. After confirming the identity, the counterparty will be able to transfer the cryptocurrency to the Gold Ahiskali Real Estate account to pay for real estate and related services.

  • Exchange of cryptocurrency for fiduciary money

Our agency converts your bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies at the real market price. After receiving the cryptocurrency to the Gold Ahiskali account, you can convert it at any time convenient for the client. All questions are preliminarily agreed with the customer.

  • Payment for real estate

The money is transferred through international banks to the agency's account.

SWIFT transfers:

  • in dollars - 2-3 days; 
  • in euros - 5-7 days.

It takes some time to pay with bitcoins or otherwise. As soon as the transfer is confirmed, we pay the money to the seller, and the buyer receives the TAPU - a document confirming the ownership.

Cryptocurrencies Accepted When Buying An Apartment In Turkey

To purchase an apartment or house in Alanya, you can use any cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged on international platforms for financial services in the field of blockchain.

Statistics show the percentage of the frequency of cryptocurrency use:

  • Bitcoin - 60%, 
  • USDT / USDC - 20%, 
  • Ethereum - 10%.

The higher the percentage, the faster payment transfers are made and the more favorable the exchange rates.

Frequently asked questions and answers to them

I have bitcoins - can I buy an apartment in Alanya for them?

Yes, you can buy an apartment or a villa in Alanya and its suburbs for bitcoins through the agency "Gold Ahiskali".

What cryptocurrencies does your real estate agency accept for home purchase?

Gold Ahiskali Real Estate accepts for payment all cryptocurrencies that can be exchanged on the international financial services platform, in particular Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, USDT, Ripple, Litecoin, Tether, Stellar and Ethereum.

How long does it take to exchange bitcoins when purchasing a home?

You can exchange cryptocurrency per day, according to the established limit - no more than 1 million US dollars. Depending on the cost of housing, the process can take from 1 to 7 days.

Is it safe to buy real estate in Alanya with bitcoins?

We guarantee complete transparency of cooperation, we will coordinate each stage of the transaction. We conclude a personal contract with the client and fully comply with all conditions.

What kind of real estate in Turkey can I buy with cryptocurrency?

With our help, you can buy a house, apartment, as well as commercial real estate and land on favorable terms.

At what rate will bitcoins be exchanged for cash?

You will choose the course yourself. During the exchange with you, our employee will be on video communication. You will be able to see all the numbers on the monitor screen and independently choose the exchange rate that you see fit.

Can I use bitcoins to pay for agency services and other related services?

You can pay all expenses using cryptocurrency, including real estate after-sales service and other services.

My goal is to buy property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship. Can I use bitcoins for this?

Yes, we will help you buy an apartment or house for bitcoins in order to obtain Turkish citizenship using a simplified scheme. We have already worked with clients on similar terms. And they successfully obtained a Turkish passport.

What tax will I have to pay when buying real estate with bitcoins?

You will not have to pay additional taxes, as they are not provided by law. Cryptocurrency in this case is used as a safe way to transfer funds abroad.

If you have any questions, please contact our manager at a convenient time for you. We will be happy to advise on all aspects of buying real estate in Alanya and its suburbs.

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