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Object № 3

Price 26 000 - 43 500

26 000 - 43 500 € for m2Apartment from Owner


This house is located in the Central part of the Demirtas district and is close to the city center. This is a very popular area where EU citizens, Russian-speaking residents, as well as the local population live. Among the main areas of the city, this is the most modern, dominated by a large number of houses built to modern quality standards. The distance to the sea is the minimum possible for urban development, within walking distance of the promenade, recreation Park Yasham Parks, shopping center Migros 5M, cultural and exhibition center jam Pyramid. A residential building at the final stage of construction is presented. Outdoor Parking on the internal territory. The house is located away from noisy highways.


There are 2+1 apartments for sale (two bedrooms plus a living room with kitchen). The apartment has an area of 80 sq. m., one bathroom. The price of the apartment includes a kitchen set, gasification of the house.

Apartments are fully furnished with ready-made interior finishes: laminate flooring, walls painted with antibacterial paint, ceiling decoration drywall with built-in spot lamps. High quality architraves and interior doors. Double-glazed Windows are installed on the Windows without the use of harmful materials.

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